Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission is to help our clients achieve higher levels of success by bringing the best of who they are to what they do.

Vision: Help create a world where everyone's potential is realized.

Our Values shape how we pursue our Mission and Vision:

Integrity: Honor commitments and have clients best interests in mind with all we do.

Generosity: Talents, resources and successes are intended to support others. A portion of profits helps provide services to community service organizations.

Stewardship: Seek to leverage and improve upon strengths to provide exceptional service to clients.

Respect: Understand clients' needs are unique and meet them where they are in their journey.

Service: Success at Higher Up is measured by positive impact on clients. Higher Up exists to help clients achieve higher levels of success.

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Joseph James, PhD

I started Higher Up Consulting because I feel the best way I could honor the gifts God gave me is to help others realize and leverage their own gifts.

I do this by applying the science of industrial organizational psychology to develop and deliver practical solutions that enhance individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

Throughout my career, I have served in organizational and talent development roles and look forward to using my expertise to deliver practical solutions for your organizational challenges.