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Working Together


The environment around us is constantly changing, especially with the challenges related to COVID-19. It can be a stressful, even scary time for all of us, especially if we do not have someone to advocate for and support us as we navigate our careers. Higher Up Consulting’s coaching services are designed to help you maximize your potential regards of what stage you are in your career.

We offer coaching services to support everyone from juniors/seniors in high school to leaders and senior levels of an organization. The challenges experienced by these groups may be different, but the solutions lie in a common set of topics related to their identity, alignment, and purpose. Let us advocate for you and help you bring the best of who you are to what you do.


Prices may vary depending upon the time/extent of our work together, but they start at:

  • $50.00/hr for individuals

  • $25.00/hr for group coaching (minimum of 5 participants)

  • Long term coaching relationships and multiple sessions are available based upon your needs and our ability to achieve results when working together.

We also offer a limited number scholarships to support those who may be experiencing financial hardship.

The Process

  • Prior to our first session, you will be asked to complete a brief set of questions and an assessment appropriate to your goals.

  • The actual coaching session will be a one hour web-based call where your results are discussed and additional information is gathered about your challenges.

  • You will receive a report including your assessment results, summary notes from the call, and recommendations for next steps.

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