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Individuals, teams, and organizations that know who they are (Identity) and ensure their efforts support pursuit (Alignment) of meaningful goals (Purpose) are more resilient to challenges and invest more of themselves in accomplishing goals. I would love to discuss how Higher Up can help you.

Business Brainstorm


Coaching Services

  • Are you a leader who would like to achieve better personal results? Better results through your team(s)?

  • Are you dealing with career transition or otherwise uncertain about the direction of your career?

  • Would you like to strengthen your psychological resiliency or ability to manage change?

These are just a few areas where our coaching services are designed to address your unique needs and help you make measurable improvements.

Short-term Projects/Outsourcing

It does not always make sense to hire full-time employees for projects that are short-term, rarely occur, or benefit from someone external to the organization (e.g., annual succession planning, team building, job analysis). We are available for short-term project support for numerous areas relating to strategic HR and organizational development. Check How We Can Help for general information on the types of projects we can support and contact us to discuss your needs.


Higher Up Consulting, LLC partners with businesses, non-profits, and individuals to ensure our services address their unique challenges and align with their strategic goals. Contact us to learn more.

We would love to help you:

·       Optimize your hiring and onboarding process

·       Offer relevant training and development for your employees

·       Analyze and strengthen the performance of your employees and organizational processes/programs

·       Manage change in a way that leverages insights from your team and enlists their support

·       Plan for future talent and leadership needs

·       Measure key performance indicators for your people and processes

·       Create an environment that fosters high employee engagement, performance, and retention

Click the button below for detailed explanations of our various services.

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